As the complexity of electronics systems continues to grow with the use of numerous advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) on each vehicle, it is anticipated that in-vehicle electronics will continue to grow by 15% over the next 10 years, representing up to 50% of a vehicle’s total value!

Additionally electric vehicle development continues to grow, with 130 new electrified vehicles predicted to hit the market by 2025 as forecasted by Automotive World. The impact of electrified propulsion will contribute to the need for material solutions to address performance of key component systems, including battery modules and electric drive systems.

Download the presentation to learn how material solutions are contributing to vehicle electronics reliability and performance optimization, by:

  • Preventing unwanted outside elements from intrusion (dust, dirt, road debris, fuel, oil, solvents)
  • Encapsulating and sealing critical connector interfaces
  • Dissipating heat
  • Protect against vibration or shock

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